Setting Up A Play Area In Your Medical Office

If you have a small medical practice, you should do what you can to make your office waiting area as comfortable as possible for your patients. When there are children in the waiting room who are bored it can make the wait seem very long for others in the room. By creating a children's play area on one side of the waiting area, you can help create a quieter, calmer environment for all your patients. The children and their parents will also thank you as well. Consider the following when putting together your indoor play area. 

Put down a children's rug

You should put down a colorful and bright children's rug in the center of the kid's area. This will help draw their attention to the area.

Paint the space with colorful, high gloss paint

By painting the area in colorful paint, you'll grab the attention of kid's the minute they come in to the office. Use high gloss paint  which is going to be a lot easier for your staff to clean, making it more sanitary.

Fill a bookcase with a large variety of books

You should get a book case for the children's area and fill it with books for children of all ages. For safety, make sure that it is anchored to the wall.  Include books with lots of pictures and big pages. Many children will sit quietly and read a book if they are able to find one that truly captures their attention.

Place small chairs in the area

You want to offer seating that fits children better. This will allow them to feel more comfortable in that area. They will be able to sit calmly and read a book or play with a toy. The chairs should be ones that are easy for your staff to disinfect, so use chairs that are made of plastic or vinyl.

Set up a table

Add a child sized table to the area. Place some coloring books and a basket of crayons on the table. Many children can sit for hours and color without being distracted or getting bored.

Set up an indoor play structure

Putting up an indoor play structure in the corner of the kid's section will give the active children that come in the office a great outlet for all their energy. Since most indoor play structures are designed of plastic, they are already easy to clean. Some examples of fun structures include play houses, small teeter-totters and small slides.

Once you have a kid's section set up you'll see that your patients will have a lot more patience when it comes to waiting for their appointment.

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