4 Tips For Traveling With An Oxygen Concentrator

If you are reliant on an oxygen concentrator, you do not have to be confined to your home. It is possible to travel through various means with a portable version of the device. Before hitting the road, it is important that you prepare beforehand. 

Know Your Medical Supply Store Information

It is important that you have the contact information for your medical supply store like Corner Home Medical handy. If you run into an equipment problem while you are on the road, you can contact your supplier for troubleshooting assistance. 

You also need to know the contact information for at least two other medical supply stores along your route and at your final destination. If your usual supply store is unable to resolve the issue over the phone, you can take your concentrator into a local supplier and have it serviced or replaced, if necessary. 

Pack Your Power Supplies

Charging your oxygen concentrator is important. One of the most fortunate things about the concentrator is that you can charge it anywhere, including your hotel. However, this is impossible if you forget to pack your power supplies. 

You should also consider packing extra power supplies. In the event that you lose one set or it becomes damaged, you will have the backup supplies on which to rely.

Contact Your Transportation Provider

If you are traveling by airplane, bus, or train, you need to contact the provider ahead of your leave date. You need to make sure that your oxygen concentrator is allowed. You can also find out if there are certain guidelines that need to be met while traveling. For instance, your transportation provider might require that you present a copy of your oxygen prescription to travel. You could also be required to provide a note from your doctor with his or her contact information.

Prepare Ahead for Outages

In the event that there is an outage at your travel destination or there is a delay that prevents you from charging your concentrator, you need to ensure you have backup batteries and tanks with you. Your transportation provider might set restrictions that require you to have a certain amount of power supplies available so that a medical emergency is avoided. Again, this can be determined through asking about the travel guidelines. 

Your ultimate goal is to travel to your destination and back home without incident. By properly preparing ahead of time, you can ensure that this is possible. 

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