3 Ways To Survive Your Recovery From Foot Surgery

If you are about to have foot surgery, then you are going to need help getting around. After having surgery, you are not allowed to put much weight on your foot. It helps to prepare in advance to make the transition go smoothly. Here are three ways to survive your recovery from foot surgery.

Maintain Mobility

Your doctor will put you on non-weight bearing instructions for a few weeks after surgery. This means no weight whether you are standing or sitting. You are not even allowed to put your foot on the floor.

A knee scooter or walker can help you to maintain mobility. It is designed with wheels and a knee pad. A knee walker works by placing your knee on the pad and you roll forward using the handle bars. The handle bars are used for steering and balance. The scooter also comes with brakes, which keeps it stationary when not in use.

You have the option of renting or buying a scooter. However, it helps to purchase the best knee scooter to fit your needs, like those offered by Knee Rover. If you purchase a new one, then you can add accessories. Example accessories include baskets, non-skid wheels and cup holders. Knee scooters are covered by some insurance companies. If you are thinking about buying one, then you should check to see if the scooter is covered under your policy.

Get a Temporary Handicapped Placard

A temporary handicapped placard can make life easier. It allows you to park conveniently close to the front of the building. You should get the placard just before surgery and apply for one through the DMV. A note from your doctor is required for approval. It is a temporary handicapped placard, which means it comes with a deadline and the countdown starts when purchased.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Planning in advance allows you to remember the little things to stay as comfortable as possible after surgery. A contour memory foam pillow is a necessity and has many uses. You can use the pillow as a cushion for your knee while on the scooter. The pillow also can be used in the car to keep your leg from moving.

Foot surgery is serious. It is important to follow your doctor's instructions and allow your foot to heal. Your body is going to have limitations and it helps to take things slow. You do not want to re-injure your foot. Keeping pressure off your foot prevents you from having setbacks.

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