Overcoming The Challenges Of Transporting Your Mobility Scooter

When you are reliant on a mobility scooter, it can be difficult to figure out how to transport the scooter from one location to another. Some cars do not have enough trunk space to fit a mobility scooter unless it is disassembled. But no matter what your situation, there is a way in which your scooter can be transported.

Breaking The Scooter Down

Many mobility scooters can be broken down easily into five parts so they can fit into most cars. Then, part of the scooter can be stored in the trunk and another part can be placed in the back seat.

Another challenge is carrying and assembling a mobility scooter. Individual parts can weigh as much as 50 pounds. It is also necessary to kneel and to lift the scooter at least two feet off the ground. If this is too heavy for the operator, it might be necessary for someone to accompany the operator to put together the mobility scooter for him or her. There are also some smaller scooters that weigh less, but these scooters are also limited in the weight of the passenger that can be carried.

Using A Scooter Lift

If you are driving a larger vehicle, such as a truck or SUV, a scooter lift can be kept in the trunk of the vehicle allowing the scooter to be raise and lowered without any modifications.

Towing The Scooter With A Trailer

If you must use a very large scooter, you may need to attach a trailer to the back of your vehicle. Make sure that your vehicle is rated to pull the type of trailer that is compatible with your scooter.

Safely Arriving At The Destination

When being transported, the scooter should never be occupied. If the user struggles to move from the mobility scooter to the driver or passenger seat, someone will need to travel with the user to assist him or her.

Maneuvering The Scooter Through Crowded Locations

Many mobility scooters are designed to fold so they can be easily wheeled around like luggage. This makes it easier for moving the scooter through areas where a mobility scooter is not practical, such as airports.

Consulting With Your Mobility Scooter Company

The company that sells your mobility scooter, such as Access Mobility Products, will likely send a consultant who can inform you on the best way you can transport your scooter based on your mode of transportation and your abilities.

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