Keys To Purchasing A Lift Recliner For Medical Reasons

If you struggle to move throughout the day, it can be a tough task to lift yourself out of a recliner. Thanks to lift recliners, you no longer have to try to do this. These recliners will raise you up until getting out of them is as easy as sliding forward. If you're buying one of these special pieces of furniture for medical reasons, use these tips.

Make Sure Cushions Come Attached

If your power recliner is going to have supportive cushions, you really want to make sure they're attached to the lift recliner. Then when you go to use this chair and tilt it forward, the cushions will remain on the chair.

There won't ever be a time when you have to pick the cushions off the floor because they fell down. That saves you time and extra energy that you probably don't have.

Go With a Feel-Good Fabric

If you plan on sitting in this lift recliner for a long time each day, then you really want to go with something that lets you stay comfortable for the duration of your sitting experiences. You can have this if you ensure the lift recliner is made out of feel-good fabrics.

These materials should feel great against your skin and further improve comfort to couple with the cushions and other support systems that your lift recliner has. Things like cotton and polyester are usually pretty popular feel-food fabrics that will make your sitting experiences better.

Look for One-Hand Controls

Since you'll be using the controls a lot to move the lift recliner up and down, you want to make sure they have a one-hand design. Then all you have to do to manipulate these controls is just use one of your hands.

You can position the free hand on the side of the chair so that you have more stability when using this recliner throughout the day. One-hand controls typically are small so that you don't have trouble manipulating them with just one hand. It may seem like a simple design element, but it will make using a lifting recliner a much more convenient experience.

If you have medical needs that make it hard to get out of chairs all by yourself, then lift recliners are probably the best investment you can make for your home. Just try going with a chair that you will enjoy using from a comfort and practical standpoint. 

Reach out to a local lift chair supplier to learn more about the product.

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