3 Comfort-Enhancing CPAP Accessories

For people who suffer from sleep apnea, a CPAP machine can be a lifesaver. These machines are designed to help a person maintain consistent breathing patterns throughout the night. Unfortunately, many people who could benefit from the use of a CPAP machine don't use these devices because they can create some discomfort.

If you are having trouble getting comfortable sleeping with your CPAP machine, here are three accessories that may help improve your comfort level over time.

1. Mask Liners

CPAP machines have a mask that must be worn over the face throughout the night. These masks can be a source of discomfort. It doesn't matter if you have a full-face, nasal, or pillow-style mask, these components can create skin irritation.

Mask liners are great accessories when it comes to improving the comfort of a CPAP mask. The liner is a thin piece of fabric that creates a barrier between your skin and the edges of the CPAP mask. The fabric absorbs excess oils and moisture, which can help alleviate any skin irritation you may be experiencing.

2. Heated Hoses

A CPAP mask is connected to the oxygen-producing part of the machine via a hose. The type of hose that you pair with your CPAP machine can have a direct impact on your comfort level.

Regular hoses can lead to congestion and respiratory irritation for some people. A heated hose can help solve these issues by warming the air before it is delivered through your CPAP mask. Warm air tends to have a higher humidity level. Using a heated hose will prevent your respiratory system from becoming dried out during CPAP machine use.

Since a lot of the congestion or irritation people experience can be caused by dry air, a heated hose will prevent your CPAP machine from creating further respiratory discomfort.

3. CPAP Pillows

A lot of CPAP machine users find it difficult to sleep in their favorite positions while connected to their machine. When you can't sleep in your favorite position you may experience restless nights with a lot of tossing and turning.

A CPAP pillow could provide you with a solution. CPAP pillows are specially designed to accommodate the hose and mask connected to your CPAP machine. These pillows have holes cut into them in various locations. Your CPAP hose can be fed through the holes in these pillows to allow you to sleep comfortably on either your side or stomach.

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