Reasons To Switch Your Doctor's Office Over To A Digital X Ray Machine

Are you looking to upgrade some of your medical equipment around the office? A traditional x-ray Machine can last for a long time assuming it's getting the job done, but if you are looking to modernize your equipment, this is one spot you might want to take another look. Upgrading to a digital x-ray machine can bring a number of benefits for your patients and your doctor's office. Here's why you should reach out to a provider of digital medical equipment to discuss your needs.

Faster Processing Time Means Less Waiting Time for Patients

If you are still using a traditional x-ray machine, you are likely used to telling your patients to wait after the machine is used so that you can properly develop the photo and then analyze it. This can be frustrating for the patient, especially if they already spent time in your waiting room before the appointment even began. With a digital x-ray machine, the processing is much faster and you can almost immediately begin analyzing what you see and then provide a verdict to the patient much more quickly. This could get people out of your waiting room and on their way more quickly and just provides a better overall experience at the doctor's office.

No Need to Handle, Manage or Store Traditional Film or Chemicals

Traditional x-ray machines will require you to keep x-ray film on hand as well as the chemicals that are used during the development process. You might also be limited to a certain number of x-rays in the processing room at any given time. Even after the photo is taken and developed, you will still need a place to keep the physical copy on hand for years to come. This can take up a lot of space in your storage room as the years go on. With digital x-rays, all of the photos are kept on a hard drive and you only have to print them out when you want to see something right in your hand or to show the patient in person. You can stop spending money on film and chemicals and free up some storage space in your office.

Re-Size or Zoom In Quickly With No Distortion or Delay

If you want to zoom in on a traditional x-ray, you might need to go back to the processing room or otherwise take your time making sure it gets done right. There might also be some distortion as you zoom in on certain parts of the photo. With digital x-rays, you can likely take the photos in higher resolution and zoom in anywhere you like immediately without any more processing or work needed.

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