2 Benefits Of Switching Your Medical Office's ERP System Over To Netsuite

If you operate a large medical office, you may be using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to keep track of daily tasks ranging from checking in patients to processing their payment and health insurance information. However, you may have found that your current system is lacking in some of the features you need.  

Because of this, you may be looking for a better option to help you run the daily tasks required of your facility. If so, consider a couple of the benefits of switching your ERP system over to NetSuite.

1. Create and Execute Workflows to Provide Patient Care and Processing More Efficiently

One benefit that comes with switching over to NetSuite from your old system is that it allows you to fully customize your daily workflows. You can create various workflows for different types of patients to help provide them with better care and allow you to process the steps more efficiently.

For example, for a patient that is coming in for a general checkup, the workflow may include checking them in at the front desk, seeing a nurse for general health history intake, visiting the doctor, and then checking them out. Each step will show up in their chart and daily worksheet, giving every person in the facility the ability to see what needs to be completed.

2. Share Patient Information With Other Caregivers Securely While Adhering to Privacy Laws

Another benefit of using NetSuite over your current ERP system is that it allows you to share patient information with other caregivers within the office and network securely. Because of strict patient privacy laws, the transmission of information must have the highest level of security to keep your office compliant with current regulations.

When setting up the system for the first time, the support team will help to put safeguards in place that are HIPAA-compliant. After the initial setup, support will keep up to date with any changes in the regulations and update the system as needed.

If you are looking to update your medical office's ERP system to one that handles workflows and security better than the one you are currently using, consider switching to NetSuite. This system allows you to create and execute patient workflows to provide more efficient care and processing. It also allows you to share their information with other caregivers and departments within your network while still adhering to patient privacy laws. Contact a NetSuite consultant to speak with them about how the system can benefit your medical office as well as to learn more about its features.

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